Check for Updates

You just releases version 5.1 however when I Check for Updates, it says that 5.0 is the latest version. Is this what it is supposed to do. I’m using the Mac version.

I have the windows version, and the upgrade worked. I also have a mac, so I’ll give it a go while waiting for someone to respond.

Just opened my iMac and as soon as I started the Cirkit Studio software, it immediately asked if I wanted to upgrade. Automatically updated to Version 0.5.1

Pan/Zoom working well on both iMac and Windows.

I would download and re-install.

@Vincent Thanks for helping out!

@DBRTv When you open Cirkit Studio, you should automatically and immediately see the following prompt. Alternatively, you can check for updates by clicking Cirkit StudioCheck for Updates.

I just checked on my computer, and was able to update to V5.1.

If you are still seeing this issue, I would recommend just this once downloading and reinstalling V5.1 from our website. If you continue to see this issue now or in the future, please let us know so we can take a closer look.

Where do I go to get the 5.1 update? Is there a special link to it? I have the original download site for the first release with the “cirkitstudio1234” download code. It won’t let me get the new version.

If you download from the original download site ( using that download code, you should automatically download the latest Cirkit Studio (V5.1).

Did you delete the old version of Cirkit Studio on your computer before installing the new download? I’m wondering if the new download failed to erase that old copy.

Just as a reference for others, chatted offline and it sounds like the reinstall worked and successfully upgraded to V5.1.