Cirkit Studio Release 5.1!

We just released Cirkit Studio Version 5.1 with some exciting new features! To follow along with our progress, check out our Release Notes. If there is a feature you would like us to build, please let us know!

New Features

  • Pan and Zoom - Cirkit Studio now supports panning and zooming to view and inspect your circuit layout.
  • Circuit Image Rendering - Render a diagram of your circuit at the click of a button, perfect for posting or sharing your circuit with others.


  • Windows Code Signing - Cirkit Studio for Windows is now signed, and will not show a security warning during installation.
  • New Components
    • HC-05 Bluetooth Module
    • Neo 6M GPS Module
    • SIM800L GSM Module
    • Graphic LCD Display (GLCD 128x64)