New Components Requests

If there’s a component you would like us to add to our parts library, please let us know!

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7-segment displays (1 or more digits) would be amazing!

@MotorHead Thanks for letting us know! We’ll add some 7-segment displays to our next update.

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DIP switch blocks would be great!

We’ll add some DIP switch blocks in the next update also! By the way, we should be releasing our next update later this week.

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We just added a couple of 7-Segment displays and DIP switches in V0.5.2! Sorry for the delay getting that update out.

Awesome! I noticed that the DIP switches had a confusing pin layout and was wondering if there was a reason for them differing from the normal layout (they have a pin layout like a regular DIP chip with equal pins on both halves of the breadboard).

That was an oversight on my part. Sorry about that!
I just added a fix for the DIP switches (amongst some other big changes) that we’ll send out with the next update.